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Back in business

After lots of internet troubles, finally properly online again today. There’s one positive side to being (as good as) internetless. You get more time to do other stuff. In this case i finished 2 hats. One for my eldest daughter and an identical one for her baby sister. The granny square cardigan i was making,… Continue reading Back in business

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Love love love Kaffe..

I thought of posting about one of my favourite artists today.  All my WIP’s are still taking some time,  as I’m busy sketching for my husband’s project. The granny squares cardigan is one third done,  although I’m afraid I’m running out of yarn.  If that’s the case,  it will be a scarf or bag.  Granny’s… Continue reading Love love love Kaffe..

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New project started

okay,  I promised myself not to start anything new.  But ssince I really enjoyed making the granny squares last week,  and season is changing,  I thought to make something for the colder (less hot) days. In grandma’s book I found this pullover.  Modernised the colours,  I always loved the combination of hot pink and orange.… Continue reading New project started

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handy trick to restore your granny blanket and finished rug

Today I came across this super handy crochet tip.  Thought to share it with you. It was posted by Lilla Bjorn on her blog.    So this is the link on how to restore your granny blanket, so you don’t have to throw it when it gets torn. It looks pretty straightforward, with good explanation… Continue reading handy trick to restore your granny blanket and finished rug

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Omg, this is one colourful granny!

After 2 days of making granny’s from leftover yarn,  I finished. Made 26 squares in total,  25 I used for this pillow cover. (was thinking to make baby blanket, but the colours are too bright, and probably full of chemicals. Cushion seems saver idea 🙂 ). Today I stitched the back, using  my old black,… Continue reading Omg, this is one colourful granny!

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Small projects done

Had a productive day today.  I finished a small purse,  my daughter will be very pleased with it. Made a lot of progress with my socks. Pattern is nice (see my earlier post “Pending projects challenge”),  and I enjoy working on it.  The colours turn out fine.  Speaking of colours. A while ago I ordered… Continue reading Small projects done