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Play time / using scraps

My baby daughter loved this block / ball.. It’s made out of scrap yarn and I recycled her baby gym.  Took bells and fiberfill out of the toys,  and used it for this block.  It also gave me an opportunity of practicing on different textures and stitches.  One square (the white one) is done in… Continue reading Play time / using scraps

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Baby pants not quite finished…

 Started on baby winter gear.  Finished a shrug and then started on baby pants.  I finished today.  But not happy with the result.  Lenght is perfect, the yarn I used is soft and I love the colour (phildar thalassa),  but the waist is waaaayyyyy too big, and there are other things off with this pant.… Continue reading Baby pants not quite finished…

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Baby Bolero. Ready for winter

Small projects like baby clothes are fun to do. I love the fact that it’s quick to finish (I manage to finish before I get bored and loose my interest)  and baby stuff is just cute.. Today I stitched the baby bolero together,  which was more work than the actual knitting…  I think it looks… Continue reading Baby Bolero. Ready for winter


Crochet Crocodile Stitch Photo Tutorial

Originally posted on the twisted yarn:
One of the crochet stitches that’s important for the house bag is the crocodile stitch. Look, here it is, used for the roof of the house, which forms the flap for the bag:- Crocodile Stitch For The Roof Of The House It’s not difficult but it looks fancy, and…

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Almost finished projects

It’s been very hectic lately.  My dad came over from Netherlands, staying one month. He brought some of my old craft books, that were still at his place. But more about that next time. Taking care of baby, household, entertaining dad… and trying to find time to do some crafting.. So things are not going… Continue reading Almost finished projects