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And now for something completely different

After crochet and knitting, i feel like a bit of change. In my storage i still have a lot of (unfinished, what’s new…) embroidery projects. This one is close to my heart. When my eldest daughter Aditi was on the way, i had the idea of having everything in Beatrix Potter / Peter Rabbit theme.… Continue reading And now for something completely different

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Quick cowl

At the moment I’m busy with several projects that will take some time. So to prevent getting bored I started something new.  One of many, many projects.  I bought this thick, acrylic,  pink yarn. Thought to make a cowl out of it.  Something quick with a nice easy pattern.  So it’s quick enough to make,… Continue reading Quick cowl

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Baby pants part 2

Remember my earlier post, about a month ago, of the baby pants I messed up?  I was quite disappointed with the result, wondering how to fix it.  So,  I just put I in a cupboard and left it there.  Past weekend I thought about it again,  and decided to give fixing it a go..  Still… Continue reading Baby pants part 2

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Oriental Lily by Georgie Hallam – Craftsy

I’m a big fan of So many patterns, tutorials on anything. crochet, knitting, paper art, drawing, sewing…. you name it. My wishlist for patterns is growing day by day. And still so many projects left to do. I’m the queen of unfinished projects. Anyway, this dress/ pattern i found. And i have this crazy… Continue reading Oriental Lily by Georgie Hallam – Craftsy

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Keeping the baby warm..

Season is changing.  A few weeks ago temperature and humidity was, at least for me,  unbearable.  Now Mercury is gradually dropping, and beginning to think of winterwear again.  Especially for baby. I found this pattern for inner wear.  At the local wool market I got this colourful and soft yarn.  Perfect for this project. The… Continue reading Keeping the baby warm..

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A day at the Wool market

Today,  finally finally I went to the local wool market in sector 38, Chandigarh. It opens in winter season, from October till April, and for weeks I’ve been looking forward to go. So, today was the day. With my patterns in my bag, i drove to the place. I love to browse all the stalls,… Continue reading A day at the Wool market