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Finally finished doily and something new

Yay! Finally finished my doily. It took me almost a week, because i only got time in the evenings, but yesterday it was done. It was so cold, could barely hold my hook. But it came out nice, and I’m very happy with it. I love the red colour. But no more delicate projects for… Continue reading Finally finished doily and something new

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Doilies, cozies and brrrr…

When living in Netherlands,  I just loved winter.  The colder,  the better.  Loved the sight and feel of snow.  And although it was cold/ freezing outside, you could dress warm,  wear boots,  crawl in your shawl…  Coming home to a warm house,  thanks to central heating.. Now the Indian winter.. It’s less cold than Netherlands… Continue reading Doilies, cozies and brrrr…

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Hats, hats, hats

hello all..  Last post I showed the beret I made.  I really enjoyed this pattern,  beret was fun to make.  So I made one more and one more.. And while I’m writing,  I’m thinking: shall I do one last? Here they are. Further I’ve been busy with my mannequin head.  I need something to show… Continue reading Hats, hats, hats

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Hats and happy happy

Last Tuesday was a happy happy day.  The courier kept coming with parcels. Since many years I just love reading the novels by Jane Austen,  Bronte sisters  and so on..  My Pride and Prejudice dvd (the BBC version with Colin Firth) I can almost recite word for word.. Last week I found a crochet pattern… Continue reading Hats and happy happy

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Daisy hat

Hello,  hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays.  Now the start of a new year. Apart from the general resolutions,  loosing 15kg, start yoga again,  I have some resolutions on the creative front.  One is finishing my WIPs,  next learning intarsia / Fair Isle and finally make something out of the Kaffe Fassett pattern library,  another… Continue reading Daisy hat