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Been busy bee

So today I thought to write a post again.  Been quite busy since my dad came over from the Netherlands. We’re not going out too much in daytime,  since it’s 40 degrees celcius already.  But still we have a good time. It gives me some time to craft while we’re home. Further,  our landlord sold… Continue reading Been busy bee

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Dutch treat and Mandala-Madness

Hello everyone.  Last post I mentioned my dad was coming to stay for a month.  He arrived last friday. Lovely to see dad again after long time.  And he also had goodies from the Netherlands.  Apart from the dutch eatables,  pindakaas,  hagelslag,  paaseitjes (peanutbutter (nothing beats dutch peanutbutter), chocolate sprinkles and Easter eggs) and gifts… Continue reading Dutch treat and Mandala-Madness

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Etsy listing available in my shop

Check out this item in my Etsy shop Hello everyone,  I posted a lovely shawl on my Etsy shop. It took quite long to make it,  but I’m very happy with the result. Meanwhile also busy with unicorn,  Mandala-Madness CAL,  beret…  Being a busy-bee at the moment 🙂

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Something quick and something very slow

Hello everyone,  today I finished not one,  but two projects.  Well,  1.5 project.  let’s start with the slow one.. I started a shawl,  which I made before and took me normally a week.  This one was different. I don’t know if it was the yarn,  or that I was just slow.  But this shawl I… Continue reading Something quick and something very slow