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Got a lovely gift

My hubby had a lovely surprise for me. For my Etsy shop I have been struggling getting good pictures.  The hats I arranged on a self made head.  But that was actually too distracting from the item I tried to sell..  Shawls also didn’t show that good in my photos. 

Well,  this morning my surprise gift arrived.  He arranged a beautiful mannequin. I call her Betsy.  Betsy was not to be found in the area where we live,  so she was shipped from Bangalore,  1500 miles from our town.  

Am absolutely over the moon.  Spent whole day dressing up,  clicking photos and adding listings / editing photos in my shop..  

Isn’t she lovely? 

So, had a very productive day today. Even with Eliza jumping around me all day 😊


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